The welcome to visitors to the Gesellmann Estate in Mittelburgenland in eastern Austria reads:

“Connectedness with Man and Nature. Grateful for success. Mindfulness in thought and action. Joy in creation. Wine is all of this.”

The Gesellmann Estate was first mentioned in official documents in 1719, with today’s custodians having many generations of winemaking knowledge to rely upon, whilst ensuring it is newly defined for modern times. Vinification combines both this multi-generational knowledge as well as state-of-the-art cellar technology.

A milestone in the family winemaking history, indeed the history of viniculture in the Burgenland, was achieved by Engelbert Gesellmann in the 1980s, when he planted international grape varieties and matured them in French barrique casks

The current generation includes Albert, Silvia, Francesca, and Konstantin whose purpose is to continue to build on those years of quality wine. The family cultivate 50 hectares, an exclusive size designed to produce enough wine to bring pleasure to select wine lovers all over the world, not to supply the world market.

The more one immerses oneself in the taste structure of subtly complex wines, the more one glimpses their soul. These insights bring joy at the highest level to wine drinkers all over the world - and this in turn brings joy to”
Albert, Silvia, Francesca and Konstantin Gesellmann 

Work in the vineyards is performed with great care and consistency, understanding that the basic foundations for high class wine are laid by getting the grapes to the cellar in an ideal condition. The grapes are always hand harvested allowing the first crucial quality sorting at picking. Not just every single bunch, but every single berry is checked. Only the best grape material is used including selections from a cache of ninety-year-old vines on the property, contributing greatly to the structure of flavours.


The vineyards of Mittelburgenland are situated in the middle of Burgenland, with a total area of 2,104 hectares that stretches from the southern foothills of the Ödenburg mountains to the Günser uplands. Here, the Gesellmann family cultivate 50 hectares of the best vineyards around the town of Deutschkreutz. The climate, so important for creating great wines, is characterised by sunny days and cool nights. This crucial diurnal range between day and night temperatures provide ideal conditions for complex wines right into the autumn.

The nearby Lake Neusiedl provides additional influences on the region's micro-climate with extra character from the warming Pannonian Plain. The relatively warm, dry and moderate weather during the year contributes significantly towards making the region's wines so unique. 

“Behind the wine there are the people that created it. In alignment with nature and its strong influence on character, we strive with each new vintage to let new personality develop important downs - events that shape character and define wines of fascinating complexity.
Albert, Silvia, Francesca and Konstantin Gesellmann