Weingut Pöckl is based in the sought-after terroir of Eastern Austria’s Neusiedlersee wine district and represents a family tradition stretching back for over 100 years.


In 1910, Albert Pöckl returned from the USA and laid the foundations for the farm, initially with mixed arable, livestock, and viticulture. Together with his wife Katharina, they also had the vitally important job of running the village inn!

In 1945, Albert's son Theodor took over the business and increasingly focused on the wine business. 

Theodor and his wife Magdalena expanded the company to 10 hectares, providing a sound basis for son Josef to further develop the winery itself when he took over in 1979. In 1986 Josef decided to specialise further and since then he and his wife Theresa have run the winery as a 'red winery'. Josef had assessed both the climate and the composition of the soil, and began planting the well-known regional grape varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent and Pinot Noir. He also started experimenting with international varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Weingut Pöckl became known for sought after allocations of some of the top red wines of the region. By visiting many wine-growing countries, Josef was able to exchange opinions and knowledge with other winemakers and discuss grape variety typicities and vinification techniques. In a move ahead of his time for the region, he started using barrique barrels as early as 1989 and producing quality red wine cuvées since 1990.

After Josef's death, Theresa ran the winery together with son René, who has been cellar master since 2002.

René took over the helm completely in January 2021, joined by wife Eva as sales and administrative chief. By that time the winery had grown to 40 hectares and boasted many top vineyard locations.

Many national and international successes, including a consistent 5* rating from Falstaff magazine for many vintages, confirm the excellent quality. The wines themselves are characterized by intense fruit, elegance and pronounced tannins and guarantee drinking pleasure for many years.

The family’s production ethos is to enable consumers to taste the regional typicality, the climate, the location, and the care taken in the vineyard work and vinification. They don't want to copy wines from other regions or countries, or indeed follow trends and hype. They combine nature and tradition with modern vineyard and cellar technology to make honest and high-quality wine, including strict yield reductions and eager selection of only the best grape material to ensure to deliver Pöckl's famed taste experiences.

They strongly believe their most important partners are the soil and the weather. Despite the long, warm, sunny summer months, the family pride themselves on their ability to adapt to every vintage.

Their vineyards are all close by, enabling them to act and react quickly and appropriately to special circumstances such as drought, hail, storms or frost.

The myriad of soils in and around Mönchhof include sand, gravel, loam, and black earth with gravel. René and his team know the exact nature of these soils and know which vine grows best in which locations. The family’s many years of experience with the various layers enable them to carry out the work in harmony with nature and to produce the highest quality.

The sunny climate and the rich soils of the area, together with grape varieties favoured in our region, provide the basis for the creation of exciting and, most importantly, tasty wines.